Core Values: Be Better than Yesterday

One of the best things about working at Red Dog Media is the implementation of the company’s core values. Although we’ve taken a look at Red Dog Media’s core values in a previous post, let’s take a closer look at one of them here.

One of our core values is to be better than yesterday.

“We work in an ultra fast-paced competitive industry. If we stagnate, we’ll get left behind. This applies at the company and personal level. Growth and improvement need not be only in technical skill sets; personal growth can be even more valuable.”

This mindset is what can guide us into becoming stronger, more capable, adaptive individuals that can meet the challenges of the industry. A quick glance at the company’s different programs introduces several opportunities to learn and grow as an employee, in a variety of areas.


Red Dog Media isn’t shy about encouraging its employees to learn. Employees have opportunities to learn more about programs, programming languages, and marketing through online courses. These courses, although suggested to take on employee time, are simple and easy to follow, and a great way to stay current and grow the skills of the company as a whole. After completion and a test for comprehension of each of the 5 courses, employees are eligible for raises, so you can tell the company really wants its employees to focus on growing themselves. In the words of Henry Ford, “If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself.”


Changes are a regular occurrence at Red Dog Media. One of the more recent changes was the suggestion to each employee that, among their regular quarterly goals, they consider adding a health-related habit or goal they’d like to set and achieve. This is not required, but stands as an indication that the company cares about its employees well-being. Some goals brought to the table were centered around mental health, whether it was journaling, yoga/meditation, or simply taking time to actively disconnect and do something enjoyable. Others decided to tackle nutrition or physical activity.

Whatever the activity or goal, the health initiative promoted by the company made a positive impact. Ninety-three percent of employees said the goal had a beneficial impact on their overall health at the end of the first quarter that the health initiative was implemented. We’ll continue this opt-in initiative this next quarter, and see how much stronger we can get as a team: after all, “The strength of the team is each individual member. The strength of each member is the team.” (Phil Jackson)

It’s apparent that Red Dog Media wants to be successful, and that’s why they aspire to be a team of individuals, each with their own talents and aspirations, looking and working towards the same vision. Who is on your team, and how do they inspire you to be better than you were yesterday?

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