In 2007, two brothers named Bryce and Michael Landier decided to fund a new business venture using their poker winnings. A week before inception, Bryce got a fox red labrador retriever puppy named Red. Quickly becoming the center of their universe, the name Red Dog Media was officially born.

Today, Red Dog Media focuses on internet marketing; specifically performance marketing, search engine marketing, landing page optimization, and conversion rate optimization. What started with four employees has grown to 40+ people over the past 15 years. 

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Marketing Department

Mission: Dominate the competition today and innovate to stay a step ahead

Conversion Department

Mission: To give our marketing department an unfair bidding advantage by monetizing traffic significantly better than our competitors

Software Development Department

Mission: To make the marketing departments’ dreams come true

Administrative Department

Mission: Own the administrative infrastructure process so teams have the resources and support they need to do their jobs (HR, Finance, IT, Administration, Chef)