Open Positions

We are looking to expand our team – take a look at our open positions:


Meet our recruiters!

Whytli Rogers – Recruiting Manager

Whytli is our Recruiting Manager – she handles all aspects of the hiring funnel which includes posting job listings, reviewing applicants, conducting interviews, administering tests, contacting references, and sending official job offers.

Shana Smith – Director of Human Resources

Shana is our Director of Human Resources – she facilitates onboarding paperwork and benefits for new employees joining the team.

Hiring Process

Here at Red Dog Media, we pride ourselves in having the right people in the right seats. While we may be looking to expand our team, we want to be confident that it’s the right fit on both ends. We are looking for people that align with our core values, are hoping to grow with the company, and bring new ideas to the table. Our thorough hiring process is put in place to ensure the right partnership moving forward.

Marketing Department

  1. Culture Interview with Recruiting Manager
  2. Problem Solving Excel Test
  3. 1-2 Technical Interview(s) with Marketing Team Leads
  4. Final Interview with Vice President of Operations and CEO

Software Development Department

  1. Answer a few technical questions for us via an online form (3 short answer, 3 multiple choice)
  2. Technical Interview via video call with Vice President of Technology, Software Architect, and Software Team Lead
  3. Culture Interview with Recruiting Manager
  4. Visit our office in-person (trip paid for by us), meet with other developers, and have an interview with our CEO and Vice President of Operations.


Marketing Department

Mission: Dominate the competition today and innovate to stay a step ahead

Conversion Department

Mission: To give our marketing department an unfair bidding advantage by monetizing traffic significantly better than our competitors

Development Department

Mission: To make the marketing departments’ dreams come true via data and technology

Administrative Department

Mission: Own the administrative infrastructure process so teams have the resources and support they need to do their jobs (Includes HR, Recruiting, Finance, IT, Administration, Food & Beverage team)

Core Values

Our core values are integrated throughout our entire interview process in order to gauge whether a candidate is a good cultural fit for us. There are several initiatives to keep the core values at the forefront of our culture and embodied throughout our employees. A few examples of these initiatives: an employee appreciation program; regular coaching discussions; quarterly reviews and conversations.

Be Curious

Having a high level of engagement; Digging into problems; Not being satisfied with good enough; Being open to new ideas; Not being a know-it-all.

Be a Problem Solver

Initiative is what separates the doers from the dreamers. It’s about executing and getting the important stuff done. A problem solver prioritizes, organizes, and simplifies. They are detail-oriented to make sure it’s done right.

Be a Championship Teammate

While a “team player” is collegial, a champion teammate is much more. They have the drive to succeed, work hard, come prepared, hold themselves accountable to high standards, elevate those around them, and are coachable.

Be Better Than Yesterday

Do you bring more skills to the table today than a year ago? How will you be better a year from now? We work in an ultra fast-paced competitive industry. If we stagnate, we’ll get left behind. This applies at the company and personal level. Growth and improvement need not be only in technical skill sets; personal growth can be even more valuable. We embrace positive change and stretch ourselves to improve.

Benefits & Perks


  • Group health care insurance – 100% of employee premium paid by company
  • 401k plan
  • 401k match – immediate vesting up to 5% once eligible
  • Unmetered PTO – encouraged to take 3 weeks of PTO per year

Cultural Perks

  • Beautiful, loft-style office space with live plants, floor-to-ceiling windows, natural light, and a grotto water feature
  • In-office professional chef – prepares breakfast and lunch daily
  • Requested beverages and snacks stocked
  • In-office gym space available to all employees
  • Employee appreciation program
  • Team Time hangouts – each employee eligible for $100/month reimbursed for hanging out with co-workers outside of work
  • Annual company parties
  • Regular donations to charity

Tech We Use

Marketing Department

Conversion Department

Development Department

Administrative Department