The Last Place You’d Want to Work

Our Purpose

At Red Dog Media, our core purpose goes beyond the realm of marketing. While performance marketing and search engine marketing is what we do, it’s not why we’re here.

We believe that if our workplace isn’t a place you’d love to be, then the rest doesn’t matter. That’s why we put people and culture at the forefront of everything we do. Our purpose is clear: to be the last place you’d ever want to work.

People and Culture First

We’ve infused this ethos into our core values, emphasizing the importance of excellence, personal and professional growth, teamwork, and a genuine passion for what we do.

Every day, our people accomplish awesome things! They are naturally engaged in the work they do, pushing boundaries, and driving innovation. At Red Dog Media, it’s not just about the work; it’s about creating a culture where everyone can thrive and achieve their fullest potential.

Listen as Bryce, our Founder and CEO, talks about what it means for Red Dog Media to be the Last Place You’d Want to Work.

Think RDM Might Be The Last Place You’d Want to Work?

Join us, and experience a work culture where passion, growth, and excellence are the driving forces behind everything we do.

Inside Red Dog Media: Our Journey, Your Opportunity

“Generally companies talk a big game when it comes to providing for their employees, but often fall short. RDM walks the walk when it comes to benefits and perks.”

Andrew A., Marketing Team Lead


Discover the benefits and perks of being a Red Dog pack member!

  • Group health care insurance – 100% of employee premium paid by company
  • 401k plan
  • 401k match – immediate vesting up to 5% once eligible
  • Unmetered PTO – encouraged to take 3 weeks of PTO per year

Cultural Perks

  • Beautiful, loft-style office space with live plants, floor-to-ceiling windows, natural light, and a grotto water feature
  • In-office professional chef – prepares breakfast and lunch daily
  • Requested beverages and snacks stocked
  • In-office gym space available and free for all employees
  • Employee appreciation program
  • Team Time hangouts – each employee eligible for $100/month reimbursed for hanging out with co-workers outside of work
  • Annual company parties
  • Regular donations to charity

From Hi! to Hired!:
A Remote Developer’s Red Dog Media Experience

In today’s competitive job market, companies are continuously striving to attract top talent while ensuring a smooth onboarding experience for new hires. In this video, Ryan, a remote Software Developer at Red Dog Media, shares his perspective on his recent candidate and onboarding experience – and he offers a little advice to other potential candidates too!

Read his story on the blog.

A Marketing Specialist’s Onboarding Experience

Meet Gelareh! Joining a new company can be a daunting experience, filled with unknowns and expectations. However, at Red Dog Media, the onboarding process is designed to ease these concerns, offering a comprehensive pathway for new employees to integrate seamlessly into their roles and the company culture. One such employee, Gelareh K., a Marketing Specialist who joined Red Dog Media last Fall, shares her onboarding experience.

Read her story on the blog.

Our employee experience is so good, you’ll never want to work anywhere else.

More Employee Testimonials

“I love working for RDM because my job is consistently interesting, my coworkers are smart, competent, and nice as can be, and the company treats its employees the way we want to be treated. I read topics and comments on Reddit boards and find myself never able to relate with the complaints that people have about their jobs/employers. This really will be the “last place you want to work!”

Randy O., Marketing Specialist

“Hard work does not go unnoticed, and everyone knows they play a role in helping the company succeed. Every person here truly wants to see each other grow. The employee recognition program allows everybody in the company to speak on all of the wonderful things that happen day to day, as well as bigger achievements. There are so many opportunities to learn and do great things within the company.”

Holli C., Receptionist Assistant

“Working for Red Dog Media is a dream come true. Things many companies pay lip service to like promoting personal health and work-life balance are real at RDM. The company invests in you while giving you the tools and opportunities to perform at a high level and master PPC marketing. The people, office, and work mesh perfectly to make going to work something you “get to do” instead of “have to do!”

Pierce H., Marketing Specialist

Meet Whytli

Recruiting Manager

Meet Whytli! She finds us the BEST talent! When she is not on the hunt for talent, she’s on the hunt for thrifted deals!

Whytli handles all aspects of the hiring funnel which includes posting job listings, reviewing applicants, conducting interviews, administering tests, contacting references, and sending official job offers.

Meet Shana

Director of People Success

Meet Shana! Shana is our Director of People Success! Her mission is to build and nurture the optimal workplace team!

She facilitates onboarding paperwork and benefits for new employees joining the team.

Marketing Roles

Interested in one of our Marketing roles?

  1. Culture Interview with Recruiting Manager
  2. Problem Solving Excel Test
  3. 1-2 Technical Interview(s) with Marketing Team Leads
  4. Final Interview with Vice President of Operations and CEO

Software Developer Roles

Interested in one of our Software Developer roles?

  1. Answer a few technical questions for us via an online form (3 short answer, 3 multiple choice)
  2. Technical Interview via video call with Vice President of Technology, Software Architect, and Software Team Lead
  3. Culture Interview with Recruiting Manager
  4. Visit our office in-person (trip paid for by us), meet with other developers, and have an interview with our CEO and Vice President of Operations.