The Best Place to Work: Does Free Lunch Matter?

I remember when I applied for this job.

The offer of a free, chef made lunch surprised me. This company really goes the extra mile for its employees. I didn’t have to spend precious personal time packing sub-par lunches. And, that was a major draw to this position: an assistant position at an internet marketing company I had never heard of before. But, why does lunch matter in the grand scheme of a new job?

Diet Affects Productivity

Some reports have shown that some employees don’t feel encouraged to take a lunch break. They feel that others might not view them as hardworking. However others may feel about it, the opposite is true. Dr. Michael Woodward, an organizational psychologist, says in this Forbes article, “Just like professional athletes, we all need the energy from calories for our minds to function at their best. And we all need a little time to recharge, too.”

With that in mind, eating lunch is definitely a high priority. But, what should you eat?

A lot of people (myself included) find it difficult to narrow down my diet and select the best meals, plan out when/how to make them, and then bring them into work. In fact, an online poll in 2012 said 52% of people find it easier to do their taxes than to figure out what’s healthy and good to eat!

A Solution

So, Red Dog Media endeavors to bring its employees the best possible workday lunch experience. The Food and Beverage team here at Red Dog Media sends out a menu in advance with specially curated items by our chef. They offer alternates for anyone who has restrictions. The chef creates well balanced and portioned meals, ensuring everyone’s unique diets are met.

And, just in case I still hit that afternoon slump?

Our chef also prepares healthy snack options, available all day to everyone- from smoothies and bacon to nuts and protein bars.

This service for the employees is a seemingly small but weighted measure that shows that the company does value its employees- their time, their health, and their happiness.

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Author: Victoria Salvatore

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