The Best Place to Work: Office Upgrades for Quality Workdays

With several large tech companies offering hefty perks in order to elevate their employees’ happiness and productivity, it would be remiss not to discuss the upgrades the team at Red Dog Media has implemented for those same reasons.

Offering perks isn’t necessary, and in some instances, it can be a difficult endeavor for smaller companies that cannot afford to splurge on gym memberships for each of its employees. However, several studies have shown that offering employee perks can actually help your company stand out in the hiring market, as well as boost employee health and happiness.

Red Dog Media offers its employees comprehensive health insurance, access to a 401K with a 5% match and immediate vesting, and an extremely flexible PTO policy. Beyond those benefits, management endeavors to make the office the best workplace for its employees, and the company has made several upgrades to its office space just for its employees.

A study from the Journal of Building Research and Information analyzes the impact that different aspects of office spaces have on employees. They found that having natural daylight in the office can improve physical and psychological well-being, and having plants around the office can improve the mood of employees in general.

In yet another study, published by Procedia Engineering, things such as lighting, noise, temperature, color schemes, and even workplace layouts make an impact on an employee’s work. It concludes that, “a comfortable working environment is important to enable employees to focus and do their job perfectly.”  So, there is no question as to why Red Dog Media’s employees have access to an office that is gradually becoming a workday oasis. 

When walking through the front doors of Red Dog Media, you’re greeted with floor to ceiling windows that allow tons of natural light to fill in the office space, and automatic blinds give employees options for filtering light throughout the day. Soon, the office will have plants placed throughout as a mood booster for all employees – joining the plants that are already scattered throughout the office. Developers enjoy their own quiet workspace with views of a pond with waterfalls that runs by their individual offices, and all the employees get access to the conference, dining, and game areas at their leisure.

Author: Victoria Salvatore

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