The Best Place to Work: Company Values Employees Care About

New employees at Red Dog Media won’t have to wait long to see that we mean business. Our core values drive us to build a first class organization. Red Dog Media’s focus is “To pursue greatness with great people.” Broken down, that means we are bound together in a shared journey that does not end when we reach milestones; ‘average’ does not satisfy us; and we surround ourselves with people that make each other better.

Of course, people are the foundation to any successful organization.

If you Google America’s most successful companies, and then take a look at the rankings for America’s top places to work, you’ll see a lot of the same names on both lists; and, according to multiple studies, this is not just by chance. The way companies treat their employees has a direct impact on employee engagement, happiness, and retention.

So what do employees really want? What makes a company a great place to work? There were 4 consistent answers across multiple magazines and job sites that separated a good company from the great.


Communication is key in all sorts of relationships, and the workplace definitely benefits from open and honest communication. Clear communication creates an environment where employees feel safe and encouraged to make suggestions. It helps projects stay on track because everyone is on the same page throughout the entire process. Red Dog Media recognizes that clear communication from both management and employees is crucial to the productivity of the team.

Engaged Leadership

In one study by a leading recruitment firm, they found that over 50% of 7,000 employees left their jobs to “get away from their manager.” Obviously, quality leadership is absolutely necessary to retain employees. Indeed tells us that good management “keeps employees engaged, motivated and goal driven… encouraging [employees] to make decisions and work independently…” Weekly meetings with approachable management really helps nip issues in the bud, and it’s easy to trust a leadership team that is confident, fair, and effective executing decisions.

Integrated Company Values

One of the biggest issues that comes to the forefront in today’s age of ‘internal branding’ is consistency. Several hiring platforms now recognize that potential employees are looking for positive company culture- and some companies may have difficulty putting their core values into practice. When you have each individual of a company exemplifying each of the company’s core values on a regular basis, that company has been able to fully integrate those values across every level of their organization.

What does that look like for us? Every employee shows initiative and persistency when looking for the best solution; they are driven to succeed, and come prepared to solve problems; our employees hold themselves accountable to high standards, and embrace positive change and growth. This culture pushes Red Dog Media to thrive when faced with setbacks.


What characteristics within a company are indicative of healthy trust between the company and it’s employees? Indeed says, “In healthy work environments, managers trust their employees to work hard and make good decisions, employees trust business leaders to support and guide them, and colleagues trust each other to work toward shared goals.”

There’s no doubt Red Dog Media has become so successful by implementing practices that allow employees independence in their work, with tailored working hours, flexible PTO, and genuine recognition and feedback, all without micromanagement.

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Author: Red Dog Media

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