How Red Dog Media Reaps the Rewards of a Supportive Work Environment

Red Dog Media Supportive Work Environment

When it comes to employee success, having supportive management is a key factor. Being there for employees has many benefits for both employee and employer. Creating one of these environments can be achieved with a few simple changes. At Red Dog Media, providing an environment that is supportive for our employees allows for them to thrive and the company to prosper.

A supportive work environment is a place of employment where employees can openly come to their managers with their comments and concerns, knowing their leaders care about the problems that they face. In this type of environment managers recognize and appreciate hard work but they are also dedicated to cultivating growth. A supportive work environment is key to creating a productive organization while also increasing employee well-being.

The benefits of a supportive work environment are good for both employee and employer. By having a positive work environment for employees, companies can increase morale, improve employees’ work-life balance, and in doing so, positively affect a business. One of the main benefits is that employees are happier. Happiness has a multiplying effect. It is contagious, and when it is encouraged, it can spread throughout a company. Employees that take joy in their work make for great role models for fellow employees and encourage them to also take joy in their work. Employees that genuinely enjoy their work are more productive and successful as well. The supportive environment reduces stress which increases productivity. Happiness also leads to employees that are able to learn from their mistakes instead of fearing them. Workplace happiness makes for more creative employees that are able to take calculated risks that can be very beneficial for a company. On a team level, it is also beneficial. People enjoy working with happy people. Happy workers are more willing to work as a team for the common good, are more likely to encourage company loyalty, and are more likely to encourage team building that is vital for a company’s success.

Creating a more supportive work environment is easier than you might think. One way is to genuinely care for employees. Great leaders are invested in their team. They help when needed, listen to employee concerns, provide emotional support, and make time to support their employees. For some companies, this might mean setting aside open office hours for discussion or providing a way for employees to voice their concerns anonymously through employee surveys or suggestion boxes. Employees in a supportive work environment are far more likely to reach out to their managers when difficult situations arise.

Another way to provide a more supportive work environment is to recognize employee accomplishments. Recognition programs have help remind employees that they are valued. Managers in a supportive work environment should sincerely recognize employees for their hard work, praise them when they accomplish goals, and express gratitude for their everyday successes. This can be done in many ways, for example, having an employee of the month program, giving employees handwritten thank you cards, or simply verbalizing satisfaction. By taking the time to recognize employees’ hard work, the office becomes a place people enjoy being.

Focusing on growth and expectations is another way of boosting support. Managers can help develop their employees by focusing on their professional development. By offering ways to thrive such as cross-training employees learn valuable skills that help them in the future at the company. By offering clear expectations for employees it’s much easier for them to succeed. As well, employees need to be told when they are succeeding. Management should provide regular, specific feedback other than during an annual review. By doing so, employees can perform their jobs better and more confidently.

At Red Dog Media, always being supportive is one of our goals. Because of this, we implement an open door policy. Management is always open for feedback and welcomes it. During team meetings employees are encouraged to speak their mind, whether it be about a current project or a project they would like to see put into action. Management also stays on top of feedback. An employee review is conducted every six months and direction and praise is given during the time in between. Having quality communication with management allows our employees to grow and reach their full potential. As a small company, fostering a community amongst team members is a top priority, and by providing an environment open for communication we are able to do what’s best for both employee and employer.


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