How Red Dog Media Achieves High Levels of Employee Engagement

Red Dog Media Employee Engagement

Without a solid foundation, a building will collapse. The same can be said about a business and its employees. One of the main ways to keep a business’s foundation solid is to keep employees engaged. High levels of engagement have shown to boost productivity levels which help a company succeed. Red Dog Media’s co-founders, Bryce Landier and Michael Landier, recognize this correlation and provide an environment, culture, and benefits that keep employees engaged and productive.

Time and time again, studies have shown that a key part of a thriving workplace is employee engagement. The authors of Values Shift: The New Work Ethic and What It Means for Business, say that companies that build employee engagement into their company culture are 44% more likely to have above-average profits than those that do not adopt this approach. Right Management concluded that highly engaged workforces generate, on average, 29% more revenue and are 50% more likely to have above-average customer loyalty. A 2011 IES/Work Foundation Report found that a 10% increased investment in employee-engagement practices can boost annual profits by $2,400 per employee, while 1% rise in employee commitment can spike monthly sales by 9%.

Engaged employees have shown to boost profits, but they also save money too. Disengaged employees actively cost organizations money. The Engagement Institute reports that figure to be between $450 and $550 billion annually. That amount is no surprise when you learn that Gallup found that 51% of the U.S. workforce is not engaged. Disengaged employees lead to high turnover rates which can be costly as well. The National Association for the Self-Employed found that turnover and training costs can be up to 2.5 times an employee’s salary. Having engaged employees isn’t just a nice perk, it’s imperative for the bottom line.

The environment in which work is done plays a huge part in how engaged employees are. The office design, temperature, color, noise, and lighting can all make a difference for workflow. Red Dog Media offers a top notch office space that pays attention to these details. Our office focuses on an open floor concept with ample amount of sunlight which promotes communication and a natural feel. As well we use a neutral color pallet to aid in concentration. Noise is a controllable factor in the office as all employees are provided wireless headphones to help them focus. Top of the line fans are given to all employees as well to let them work at their prefered temperature. Indoor plants are featured around the office and add a pop of color and a natural touch to the environment. Employees are also able to decorate their desks as they please to create the best workspace for them.

At Red Dog Media, our culture is one of our main priorities. One of the prominent parts of our office culture is how we approach management. Unlike a lot of companies, micromanagement is nowhere to be found. We seek out independent people to join our team which allows our employees to have an autonomous workflow. This is beneficial for both employee and employer as autonomy can lead to happier employees, lower turnover rates, and increased motivation. We do not believe in artificial “deadlines” and allow our employees to work at their own pace. We like to give employees the freedom and space to get the job done. Instead of constant status meetings with management and copious amounts of red tape to cut through, only occasional check ins are done. Our employees’ self motivation allows for a steady flow of quality work. This style of work environment wouldn’t be successful if our employees were not motivated and didn’t take pride in their work. Giving our employees autonomy keeps them engaged with their work so they are happy and productive.

One way we set ourselves apart from other office jobs is through our benefits and perks. By offering some of the top sought after benefits and perks our employees are happier and more engaged. Unlike most offices, you won’t see suits and ties around the Red Dog Media office. We have a laid back approach when it comes to dress code. A casual dress code provides many benefits for our employees. It saves them time and money since they don’t have to buy expensive work clothing nor do they have to spend time prepping or dry cleaning the ensembles. It plays into a healthy work-life balance as some employees wear workout clothes to the office and can go straight to the gym or a fitness class from work. At its core, a laid back dress code provides convenience for our team and allows them to focus on the work they are doing, not how they look.

Maintaining a balance between work and life can be difficult, so offering a flexible work schedule helps keep Red Dog Media employees in sync. Our office doesn’t require the traditional 9-5 work shift. Many employees may have other obligations that need to be worked into their schedule. By allowing employees to build their schedule around other daily activities such as workout classes or taking the kids to school, it helps employees feel less restricted. By giving our employees more freedom in regards to scheduling they are more engaged because they are able to work at their peak performance time. Along with allowing employees to choose their schedule, there’s no ‘running clock’ in relation to employees’ vacation time, sick day limit, and lunch hours. Doing so lets our employees enjoy their time off without having to worry about the logistics of work. It also prevents any work burnout and lets employees com back to work refreshed and engaged.

One of our employees’ favorite perks is the in-house personal chef that provides gourmet food for the team. Breakfast, lunch, smoothies, and snacks are provided so any food needed for the work day is taken care of. Each meal is well-balanced which gives employees the energy they need. Offering food in-house frees our employees of the stress involved with bringing lunch and the cost of eating out. By bringing the food directly to our employees they are able to just get up and go in the morning which keeps them engaged with their work. Another key component of a well-balanced life is exercise. By offering an onsite gym we offer our employees convenience and the option to save on pricy gym memberships. Working out has shown to reduce stress and boost mental wellness, both facts that can affect work output. The fact that its on-site also allows employees to workout in the middle of their shift and return to their work with a fresh perspective. With diet and exercise taken care of on-site, our employees are able to rest easy when it comes to wellness and focus their attention to being engaged with their work.

Having engaged employees is a win-win situation at Red Dog Media. The company is able to prosper while providing an ideal work environment for our team. Engagement is one of our top priorities and we are always looking for ways to make our workspace more beneficial for everyone.


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