Food for Thought: Informative & Inspirational

Working for Red Dog Media comes with several perks. In another article, we explored the environment of the office itself, but that does not fully cover some of the non-standard employee benefits.

One of our core values is to be better than yesterday. We ask ourselves questions to prompt our own growth. How will I be better a year from now?

We work in an ultra fast-paced competitive industry. If we stagnate, we’ll get left behind. This applies at the company and personal level. Growth and improvement need not be only in technical skill sets; personal growth can be even more valuable.

This mindset is what can guide us into becoming stronger, more capable, adaptive individuals that can meet the challenges of the industry. Red Dog Media encourages employees to learn and to take advantage of every opportunity for growth; the company offers courses for employees to take (courses on Excel, SQL, etc.).

Beyond this, the company recently started newsletter called Food for Thought. This is a short article that is meant to inspire discussion among employees.

Every employee can volunteer ideas for discussion, and anyone can grab the opportunity to suggest topics themselves if they feel so inclined. Recently, we presented a Food for Thought during our company meeting that revolved around Julia Dhar’s TED talk, How to disagree productively and find common ground. The talk itself speaks to the biggest inhibitors of productive conversation and how to overcome them. This was not only relevant to today’s world, but also offered an opportunity for discussion after the meeting in which more videos were shared.

In the upcoming segments, we have topics that range from communication techniques and networking strategies to discussions on motivation and goals.

What are some topics you would love to dig into with your coworkers? Let us know!

Author: Victoria Salvatore

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