Red Dog Media’s Personal Chef Fuels Their Team to Success

Red Dog Media Personal Chef

At Red Dog Media we like to offer perks that make our employees lives more convenient and cohesive. By offering an in house gourmet personal chef our team doesn’t have to worry about the constant problems that come with eating at work. Breakfast, lunch, and snacks are provided which allows our employees to focus on what is important.

Having a chef provides our team with an immense amount of convenience. Mornings, which are a critical time for productivity, can now be dedicated to diving directly into work instead of making breakfast or packing a lunch.

A personal chef helps create a smooth transition between break and work. Our team is not plagued with the dreaded lunch time commute. Our employees can relax on their break instead of spending their precious time in a car. Not to mention, traffic can be stressful and bringing those feelings back to the office can be a detriment. When our team members go back to working they can do so in a seamless manner.

A chef is also great for our employees financially. Eating at restaurants every day can get pretty expensive, even if the food is from a lower tier establishment. Although packing a lunch is cheaper, it still requires money and adds up over time. The cost of the morning stop at a coffee shop for the necessary fuel for the day can get out of hand quickly. Having gourmet coffee in house keeps our teams energized and their pockets full.

This perk allows our team to save a commodity that cannot be recouped; time. The whole process surrounding eating takes up valuable time at each step. Grocery shopping, prepping or packing a meal, or even traveling to a location that serves food all take up far more time than simply eating a meal does. Our team can rest assured knowing that their free time can be spent doing things they love instead of doing mundane tasks involving food.

The meals provided by our chef give each employee a diet with variety that is also well balanced. The foods offered can range from comfort foods we know all too well or food from different cultures from around the world. Having this much variety in a diet is a luxury only available for a slim number of people. Our employees are able to reap the benefits of our chefs extensive knowledge and skill on a daily basis.

The quality of the food cooked by our chef is also top notch and helps our employees stay away from unhealthy options like fast food. Our team no longer needs to sacrifice health for convenience.

Having an in house chef has become a staple at our company and allows our employees to create their best work.


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