Brandon’s Recipe for Career Success: Growth, Gym, and a Gourmet Nashville Chicken Sandwich

What makes RDM (Red Dog Media) unique compared to other companies, is their investment into personal growth and really looking out for your career trajectory.”

Brandon M., Marketing Specialist

In this employee testimonial, we’re excited to feature Brandon, a Marketing Specialist at Red Dog Media who has embraced the company’s culture of personal and professional development. Brandon’s enthusiasm for Red Dog Media shines through as he shares his experience, highlighting the unique perks and the company’s commitment to employee growth.

Brandon appreciates the extraordinary perks Red Dog Media offers, such as an in-house chef serving breakfast and lunch. According to Brandon, Chef Stephanie (aka, Chefanie) serves up a “to die for” Nashville Chicken sandwich! But that’s not all that Brandon appreciates. Brandon says that a perk that enhances his work-life balance is the convenience of an upstairs gym, promoting a healthy and active lifestyle among employees.

What sets Red Dog Media apart, according to Brandon, is its investment in personal growth and a clear focus on career trajectory. The company’s dedication to seeing every employee, regardless of their position, elevate themselves is a rarity that Brandon values deeply. This commitment to growth makes Red Dog Media distinct from other companies where he has worked.

The environment at Red Dog Media is designed to be challenging, fostering a collective aim to improve continually. This ethos not only benefits the company by enhancing its workforce but also enriches the employees’ lives outside of work. Brandon believes that Red Dog Media’s culture doesn’t just aim to make individuals better assets professionally but also strives to improve their personal lives.

Brandon’s testimonial underscores the nurturing and supportive atmosphere at Red Dog Media, where the focus is on one our its core values of being “Better Than Yesterday.” This core value exemplification is a testament to how the company prioritizes the well-being and advancement of its employees, making Red Dog Media a place where careers flourish, and personal growth is celebrated.