Discovering What Fuels RDM’s Employees: Brandon M., Marketing Specialist


Welcome back to our series, Discovering What Fuels RDM’s Employees, where we explore what truly drives the passion and excitement of Red Dog Media teammates. In this installment, we’re getting insights from Brandon M., one of our talented Marketing Specialists! Brandon’s journey at Red Dog Media is a testament to the dynamic and rewarding nature of our workplace culture. Let’s uncover what gets Brandon fired up to come to work every day!

Every Day is a Challenge

For Brandon, the thrill of facing new challenges head-on is what keeps him engaged and motivated. At Red Dog Media, no two days are the same, and Brandon thrives on the ever-changing nature of the challenges of his role. Whether it’s tackling a new PPC campaign or problem-solving to find the missing piece of the puzzle, Brandon embraces the opportunity to push his boundaries and expand his skill set.

Consumer Perspective and Work Ownership

As a Marketing Specialist, Brandon approaches his work with a keen understanding of what our consumers are looking for. This consumer-centric approach allows him to tailor his marketing efforts to resonate with our audience on a deeper level. Moreover, Brandon emphasizes the importance of taking ownership of his work and driving exciting results through strategic PPC campaigns.

Competitiveness and Intrinsic Motivation

One aspect of Red Dog Media that stands out for Brandon is the inherent competitiveness and drive for excellence among the team. Brandon says it’s healthy competition at RDM, describing it in this way:

When someone else has an impressive skill set, there is a moment where you are like, holy sh!t, I want to do that! You are completely driven to bring yourself up to the next level! Everyone here can make their own story and own the narrative.”

This culture of excellence motivates Brandon to continuously elevate his game and strive for top performance. Moreover, he appreciates the camaraderie and shared goals among team members, where everyone is committed to achieving success together.

Appreciation and Value

At Red Dog Media, Brandon feels valued and appreciated for his contributions. The recognition and rewards he receives for his hard work reinforce his dedication to the company. Additionally, Brandon values the flexibility and work-life balance that Red Dog Media offers, allowing him to thrive both personally and professionally.

Future Planning and Financial Success

Looking ahead, Brandon sees a bright future at Red Dog Media, where he envisions continued financial stability and even early retirement as a real possibility! RDM’s commitment to supporting teammate growth and success sets it apart from his previous workplaces, where work-life balance and financial rewards were lacking.


Brandon’s journey at Red Dog Media is a testament to the vibrant and dynamic culture that defines our company. From the thrill of facing new challenges to the camaraderie of working alongside top performers, Brandon finds fulfillment and purpose in his role. As we continue to explore what makes Red Dog Media The Last Place You’d Want to Work, stay tuned for more insights from our passionate team members.