Discovering What Fuels RDM’s Employees: Chad W., Head of Experimentation


At Red Dog Media, we pride ourselves on fostering an environment where our teammates are satisfied and truly excited to come to work every day. While we know that our robust perk package certainly plays a role in teammate satisfaction, it’s the deeper aspects of our culture and work environment that truly drive our team members to do their best work. In this series, Discovering What Fuels RDM’s Employees, we’ll delve into what gets our teammates fired up for work every day! Today, we’re kicking things off with insights from Chad W., our Head of Experimentation, who shares what keeps him motivated and enthusiastic about his role at Red Dog Media.

Satisfaction and Excitement of Testing and Optimization

For Chad, the heart of his excitement lies in the realm of testing and optimization. At Red Dog Media, we’re all about pushing boundaries and constantly striving for improvement. Chad explains that the tangible results of his team’s experiments are what fuel his excitement. Unlike some workplaces where the impact of your work can feel abstract or vague, Chad says that he gets deep satisfaction out of being able to see, first hand, the fruits of his and his team’s labor, making their contributions feel meaningful and rewarding.

Fast-Paced Environment

One aspect of Red Dog Media that Chad particularly enjoys is the fast-paced nature of the work. With 8-10 experiments running simultaneously, Chad says there’s always something new and exciting to sink his teeth into. This consistent movement forward keeps him and his team engaged and motivated, knowing that they’re always pushing the envelope and driving progress.

Variety and Special Projects

No two days are the same at Red Dog Media, and according to Chad, that’s exactly how he likes it! The variety in tasks and projects keeps things fresh and interesting, preventing any sense of monotony from setting in. Additionally, Chad appreciates the opportunity to take on special projects outside of his usual responsibilities, allowing him to expand his skill set and tackle new challenges. Chad describes one recent opportunity:

“While my team’s core mission is experimentation, we are ultimately responsible for the post-click experience of client site visitors. This gives us a variety of opportunities beyond testing. For example, we just finished a project where we collaborated with our developers to expand and improve the GA4 implementation for a client site. The insights from this work will drive improvements in the visitor experience.”

Contributing to Company Success

One of the most rewarding aspects of Chad’s role is the direct impact he has on the success of the company. By optimizing and experimenting, Chad and his team contribute to the company’s bottom line, which in turn translates to bigger bonuses for the entire RDM team. This sense of collective achievement drives Chad to continually push himself and his team to new heights.

Culture of Accountability

“RDM is a place where you can’t hide. There is no slack in the rope, because there is always something meaningful to do.”

-Chad W., Head of Experimentation

At Red Dog Media, accountability is not just a buzzword; it’s ingrained in the fabric of our culture and exemplified in our core value of “Be a Championship Teammate.” Chad explains that there’s a deep sense of accountability among team members, where everyone depends on each other to deliver their best work. This creates a dynamic environment where everyone is motivated to excel, knowing that their efforts directly impact the success of the team as a whole.

Constant Innovation and Experimentation

Finally, Chad emphasizes the culture of innovation and experimentation that permeates Red Dog Media. From optimizing existing processes to exploring new ideas, there’s always an emphasis on pushing boundaries and challenging the status quo. This culture of innovation keeps Chad and his team engaged and excited about the possibilities that lie ahead.


As Chad’s insights demonstrate, the passion and excitement of working at Red Dog Media go far beyond the perks. It’s the dynamic work environment, the sense of purpose, and the opportunity for growth and contribution that gets RDM teammates excited to come to work every day. Stay tuned for more insights from our teammates as we continue to explore what makes Red Dog Media The Last Place You’d Want to Work.