The Best Place to Work: Office Upgrades for Quality Workdays, Cont’d

The atmosphere of the office isn’t the only priority when it comes to our office space. With the current pandemic, safety and employee health is a concern, and management has made several decisions in regards to the space we all share to keep us all safe. Desks are distanced from each other so everyone has plenty of room to conduct their business without disturbing each other. Several employees have been given options to work from home due to extenuating circumstances arising from COVID-19. And, finally, the company not only provides hygienic materials to all employees but also provides at-home COVID-19 testing kits so that each individual can have a little more peace of mind when coming back into the office.

Health and Well-being

One of the biggest health-related perks of our office is the addition of a gym space. It is no secret that exercise has many health benefits which impact people psychologically, physically, and even emotionally. Research shows that more exercise can lead to reduced rates of depression and a higher capacity to handle mental stress. By providing a gym in the office, Red Dog Media is encouraging employees’ health and psychological well-being. We have several machines, including with cable machines, weights, yoga materials, and Peloton bike. With expansion in mind, more machines are on order, including a treadmill, elliptical, and row machine. Of course, these improvements are made to support employees in their goals and growth. The company encourages health related goals to boost employees’ well-being and let them know the company is invested in their success and health.

More than just a break room…

Apart from the gym, Red Dog Media has built up a space for everyone to enjoy breaks and get to know each other. This social space includes a foosball table, billiards, giant Jenga, table tennis, cornhole, a VR machine, and even a setup for any game console employees want to bring and play. This space isn’t currently being utilized on a large scale in order to ensure employees’ safety in the current pandemic. However, it will eventually be used to help employees from different departments socialize and build camaraderie between teams. It’s clear that the company likes to promote healthy relationships between coworkers. Currently, Red Dog Media provides a small fund for team outings each month and occasional company happy hours.


Within the next year, even more improvements will be made to our personal desk areas. Several employees already utilize motorized sit-stand desks, and the majority of employees across the entire company have taken advantage of a recent opportunity to upgrade their desks as well. And small upgrades are able to be requested through a virtual shopping list.

As previously mentioned, office plants are gradually making their way into the office. These will be situated alongside employees desks and sporadically throughout the office to improve mood and noise dispersion. Dyson air purifiers are dispersed throughout the office to boost air quality and increase employee’s comfort here in the office.

With all of these investments, it’s apparent Red Dog Media dedicates tremendous effort to keep their employees happy and healthy at work. And, with even more benefits and upgrades yet to come, office atmosphere and aesthetic remains a priority in the future.

Author: Victoria Salvatore

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