The Benefits of Automation and How Red Dog Media Utilizes It

Red Dog Media Automation

Automation has affected the blue collar workforce for centuries but is now working its way into white collar jobs as well. Thanks to a combination of automation and the digital revolution, the nature of office jobs and work continues to change at a rapid pace. Just like Red Dog Media, many companies utilize automation as a efficient solution for time consuming problems.

Throughout the years automation has gotten a bad rap. Many believe that automation only leads to job loss and has no benefits for the workers. David Autor, an economist at the MIT Sloan School of Business and a leading expert on the issue of jobs and automation, had this to say about the topic, “Automation does indeed substitute for labor—as it is typically intended to do. However, automation also complements labor, raises output in ways that lead to higher demand for labor, and interacts with adjustments in labor supply.” According to a study done by Deloitte, 51% of executives plan to increase or significantly increase the use of flexible and independent workers in the next 3 to 5 years. As automation grows in white collar industries the need for skilled labor will increase. Automation will change the value placed on specific skills and create new roles for self-sufficient professionals.

By eliminating repetitive task, automation allows for workers to do more with less. A study done by the McKinsey Global Institute found that about 7 out of every 10 minutes U.S. employees spend processing data could be automated using current technology. This doesn’t just apply to low-wage or entry-level jobs. The report also found that people whose annual include exceeds $200,000 spend around 31 percent of their time doing tasks that could be automated. Automation has a significant role to play in productivity growth in the U.S..

One large way that automation benefits companies is that it helps reduce errors. Because everything from customer and sales data to financial information relies on data entry, there’s a large margin for error. Errors, even small ones, cost valuable time and money, so avoiding them is ideal. A whitepaper from IDC found that “human error costs the average multinational corporation an estimated $62.4 million a year.” Even if some manual entry has to be done by humans, lightening the load of information can help reduce the chances of errors being made.

Since automation takes care of many predictable, scalable, and repeatable tasks, employees are able to focus on the work that really matters. Work that requires critical thinking, a skill that is exclusive to human workers, can become the main focus when automation is implemented. This benefit can already be seen in the medical and law field. Doctors are now able to effectively oversee the treatment of hundreds of patients and lawyers are able to handle hundreds of clients because the technology is now available to assist in research and analysis.

Amazon’s Kiva is a great example of how automation can help workers and the company overall. Automated robots help fulfill warehouse order while human workers are needed for anything involving fine motor skills, judgement, or unpredictability. This system works to help both humans and robots focus on what they do best. The company was able to grow both its robot and human workforce by 50% in 2016.

Automation is clearly the way of the future. The McKinsey Global Institute report also estimates that between 2055 and 2075, about half of what people currently do will be automated. Currently, only 5 percent of occupations could be fully automated with current technology. It is expected that we will see more human-robot or human-AI collaboration rather than job replacement.

At Red Dog Media, we deal with immense amounts of data which comes with the problem of how to manage it. Management of this data can be daunting, whether its syndicating hundreds and thousands of ads a day or bidding those ads profitably. To deal with this problem we use advanced algorithms and automation instead of using precious manpower. This approach allows us to efficiently and effectively create and manage large amounts of advertisements. By focusing on technological solutions to problems, such as automation, Red Dog Media uses its time, money, and resources efficiently.

Automation is an ideal solution for any job sector that deals with large amounts of data. As time goes on, its bound to be utilized more frequently to make work more efficient for workers and companies.  


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